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Thursday, August 07, 2008

New AdWords Content Network Features Announced

A post over at the Google Blog today announced new features that are coming to the AdWords content network in the coming months. Click over to the post to read the full list...the one I'm most anxious to use is frequency capping.

For those unfamiliar with frequency capping it's a feature that will allow you to control how many times a user is shown your ad within a certain period of time. It's a great feature for a number of reasons. Within the content network I can this feature opening up impressions for a larger base of advertisers, improving CTR (which ties into an improved quality score) for savvy advertisers, and a better overall experience for both publishers and site visitors. A great feature that's long overdue in my opinion.

These improvements should help advertisers continue to build on the success they are seeing with current content campaigns and may encourage some others to jump back in the content network.

Update: here are some links to posts/articles about the new content network features:

- Awesome New AdWords Content Network Features ~ Clix Marketing
- Google is Adding New Features to Its Content Network Advertising Platform ~ PPC Journal
- Google to Update Content Network as Part of DoubleClick Integration ~ SEW
- Google to Add AdSense Features with DoubleClick Cookies Technology ~ SEL



At 2:04 PM, Blogger Garry said...

Hi Jeremy,

It's been a long time coming to really clean up the content network. Maybe now we can get some reliable results with less time invested in campaign management.


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