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Monday, November 26, 2007

Maximize Your Holiday Sales With adCenter

I tend to focus a lot on AdWords in this blog. Why...AdWords, at least in most cases on the projects I'm involved in, delivers more conversions than Yahoo and adCenter combined. That may not be the case in all markets but it's common place in everything I'm involved in.

Anyway, as search marketers most of us get a chance to really shine in Q4, especially as we move past Thanksgiving and into the shopping frenzy known as December. I tend to pull out all the stops in late November and all of December in order to generate every cost effective conversion I possibly can. During the rest of the year, under time and resource constraints, it sometimes doesn't make sense to focus limited resources on distribution channels that produce limited returns. In Nov/Dec though, even platforms that struggle to produce significant volume during the other 10 1/2 months of the year really ramp up as shoppers flock to the Internet to make those holiday purchases.

That said, look to adCenter for additional holiday sales. Since it's inception adCenter, once again at least for me and the projects I'm involved in, has at minimum equaled the larger networks in terms of conversion rates and in most cases at a more cost effective cost per conversion. If you don't spend a lot of time using adCenter or have never bothered opening an account here's some adCenter information to help you get started, or, bring you up-to-date with adCenter news and program developments:

Official adCenter Resources
adCenter Signup
adCenter Support
adCenter FAQ
adCenter Blog
adCenter Labs (really, really cool tools)

adCenter Forums
Official adCenter Forums
Digital Point adCenter Forums
WMW adCenter Forums
Search Engine Roundtable adCenter Forums
Search Engine Watch adCenter Forums

adCenter Resources
adCenter Custom Search Engine
adCenter Topics on Search Engine Land
adCenter Topics on the Search Engine Roundtable


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