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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

AdWords CPC Bidding for Site Targeting

Noticed in my AdWords account this morning a message saying I can try out the AdWords CPC based site targeting.

The exact message:

"New! Bid for clicks in site-targeted campaigns
Now you can bid for impressions or bid for clicks when you use site targeting to place your ad on specific sites in the content network."

The "Learn More" link took me to this page, which is basically a FAQ about cpc based site targeting. It covers some questions like;

- Can I also bid CPM for keyword-targeted campaigns now?
No. Keyword-targeted campaigns accept only CPC bidding at this time. Site-targeted campaigns accept both CPM and CPC bids.

- Can I convert an existing CPM campaign to CPC bidding?
Yes. For instructions, see this help center entry.

- Does CPC pricing mean I get charged both when the ad appears and when it gets clicked?
No. With site-targeted ads you can now choose to pay either per click (CPC) or per thousand impressions (CPM). You'll be charged only in the manner you choose. If you choose CPC pricing, you'll pay only when the ad is clicked, no matter how often it appears.

- Is there a minimum price when bidding CPC for site targeting?
Yes. With CPC pricing, ads have a minimum bid of $0.01 per click. With CPM pricing, the minimum bid remains $0.25 per thousand impressions.

- Which ad formats can I use with CPC-based site targeting?
Site-targeted ads can take all these formats: text, image, flash, and video. This is true whether you bid CPC or CPM for your ads. See the AdWords Editorial Guidelines for more details about ad formats and sizes.

That page also links to another page, How do I create a new site-targeted campaign with CPC bidding? That page includes step by step instructions for setting up cpc based AdWords campaigns, and, links to a page that shows you how to switch existing site-targeted campaigns from CPM to CPC bidding.

I plan to set up a few test campaigns today. More to follow.

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