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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Panama and AdWords not playing nice together

Came across this a little earlier today:

"It turns out a system glitch due to a bulk submission I’ve made turned off the account, but now comes the best…Customer support cannot turn the account back on. Supposedly it is a known bug on the new Panama platform and a ticket had to be submitted to the tech group, who I was told would “get to this matter as soon as they can.” Great - here I am loosing out on a couple of thousand visitors per day and someone over at Yahoo needs to manually flip a switch to get my account back online. "

Whole accounts lost with no hope of recovery...yikes, that's no good for anyone.

Anyone else seeing this?

I've done very, very little with Panama so far so this has not happened to me...and unless Yahoo debunks sempunch's post I think I'll continue to hold off on Panama until the kinks get worked out. Kind of like upgrading to Windows me when service pack 1 is released:-)


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