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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It wasn't a quality score update, but it's fixed

Last week the AdWords forums and blogs were buzzing with complaints about increased minimum bids for keywords that should not have seen an increase. These increases showed up at the same time the new quality score column was added to AdWords accounts, and, right on the heels of the announcement that an update to the Quality Score calculation update was coming soon.

Many people, myself included, assumed that the jump in minimum bids was due to the new quality score update, and that there was an issue with the update itself. According to a blog post yesterday the issue with the increased minimum bids was completely unrelated to the quality score update that's coming this week, it was a "technical issue".

According to the post:

"Last Friday, during a routine infrastructure update, we experienced a technical issue that significantly increased the minimum bids for some keywords. Because the maximum CPC for these keywords was not changed, a number of impacted keywords became inactive for search, resulting in fewer leads for some advertisers. This technical issue was completely unrelated to the Quality Score updates that we have planned for later this week."

Hot damn - that means you just might get the chance to relive high minimum bids this week if you have low quality keywords/ads/landing pages;-)

Here's one advertiser who has his fingers crossed....please, please let the actual quality score update this week go a little smoother that last week's "technical issue".

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