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Monday, February 26, 2007

Introducing YahooPete

YahooSara popped in the DP forums today to introduce a new community rep for Yahoo, YahooPete.

YahooSara posted;

"To help grow our involvement on the boards even more, I’ve recruited a colleague of mine to serve as a new rep for the boards, YahooPete. He will have more time to dedicate to issues specifically about Yahoo! Search Marketing, while I start to focus more on threads about the Yahoo! Publisher Network (doing both took quite a bit of time, and this is only a part of what I do for Yahoo!). I’m still around though, so you may see me chime in from time to time."

Full post.

Welcome to forum circuit YahooPete, I'm looking forward to seeing your insights at DP and elsewhere.

My first and ongoing question...when is the Yahoo Editor being released;-) An off line tool that among other things allows for mass edits/additions makes search marketers happy:-) I'll even volunteer for the beta!


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