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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Google to Share Worthless "Feel Good" Data With Advertisers

Via ZDNet

Responding to concerns about click fraud in the online-ad industry, Google will be revealing to advertisers the number of invalid clicks on their ads.

With changes the company is set to make to its AdWords system late Tuesday, advertisers will be able to see the number of invalid clicks Google found, as well as what percentage that represents of total clicks registered, said Shuman Ghosemajumder, business product manager for trust and safety at Google.

I'll put this in the who gives a rat's ass file. It's nothing more than "look how good we are at filtering invalid clicks" feel good data that means nothing to me or anyone else. Say I log in and see that Google reports they filtered 1,000 clicks yesterday. WTF does that tell me? What I am supposed to do with that data/info?

Google has had to limit the data it provides to prevent fraudsters from reverse engineering its systems and methods of operation, according to Ghosemajumder.

Translation; Google is giving us data we can't do anything with other than look. Maybe it will make some advertisers feel better about click fraud but that's about it.

Is there a practical application/use for this data that I don't see?

More on worthless feel good data at the AdWords blog.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Keyword Selection: Targeted or General?

Today I'll field a question sent to me over the weekend by Kyle. Kyle's question is:

"Overall have you found ads to be better performing (Conversion Rate
Wise) if the ads are extremely targeted or more general? For example
say I'm advertising widgets with the goal of selling them a widget. My
keywords could be Blue sparkly widget, brown matte widget, sports
widget, etc.... Would I be better off creating an Adgroup for each
Keyword with an ad title like "Buy Blue Sparkly Widget" or by creating
one Adgroup for all keywords with an ad title like "Buy Widgets Cheap". "

As a general rule the more targeted you can be your keyword selection, matching and landing pages the better your conversion rates will be. I would suggest creating ad groups for each base keyword and using exact match within those ad groups. Using the terms you posed in your question my first ad group may look like something like this:

[blue sparkly widget]
[blue sparkly widgets]
[buy blue sparkly widget]
[buy blue sparkly widgets]
[order blue sparkly widget]
[order blue sparkly widgets]
[cheap blue sparkly widget]
[cheap blue sparkly widgets]
[affordable blue sparkly widget]
[affordable blue sparkly widgets]
[discount blue sparkly widget]
[discount blue sparkly widgets]

I'm sure you could add to that list using more specific terms from your particular industry. The list above is just a start to help get your creative juices flowing. The key is to be as targeted as possible with your keywords and to take the person clicking on your ads directly to your blue sparkly widgets page.

Have PPC questions? E-mail me at info @ ppcdiscussions . com and I'll answer them here.

Friday, July 21, 2006

I'll Answer Your PPC Questions

One thing I always intended to do but never quite got around to was fielding questions from my readers and posting the answers here at PPC Discussions.

Have a question about PPC marketing? E-mail me at info @ ppcdiscussions . com. Use PPC Question as the subject line - I get a ton of e-mail and seeing that in the subject line will help me prioritize my e-mail accordingly. I'll do my best to answer every question sent to me right here in the blog.

Of course I don't have all the answers but I do have years of PPC experience and have managed millions of dollars in PPC spending during that time. I've used just about every PPC system out there - some that are not yet even available to the public.

Fire away and I'll do my best to provide solid answers.

AdWords Landing Page Quality Update

Between work, moving and getting ready for my upcoming wedding time for blogging has been at a premium.

A hot topic in the PPC community right now is AdWords Landing Page Quality Update that Google announced last week.

The thread linked to above is an interesting discussion on the whole page quality issue. Swing by and add your comments if you have time.

You may also want to check out: Google AdWords Landing Page and Site Quality Guidelines

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