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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Google Checkout Icons in AdWords Ads

First one's I've seen - jump on this if you can. Every time there's something "new" in the presentation of AdWords ads I see a bump in clicks and conversions.

Monday, June 26, 2006

A Demonstration in PPC Affiliate Marketing

I think it's pretty cool when people dive into PPC and are willing to share their findings/results with the rest of the world. DP member Discreet started a thread called "$2500 into Google Adwords, A Demonstration in PPC Affiliate Marketing".

In the thread Discreet says:

"I've decided to set aside a large budget to run a series of PPC campaigns for various affiliate programs.

Some important things to note:
The campaign is going to last from 60-90 days and will only use Google Adwords.
I am going to openly post the entire process and results of the campaigns through a series of posts at my blog.
I'm hoping that people wanting to learn about PPC will be able to use the information as a guide for enhancing their own campaigns."

Head over to DP to check out the complete thread and replies from other DP members.

Good luck Discreet!

adLabs Launches

From an e-mail I received on 6/23:

"We want to share some exciting news with you. On June 22 at the Hitwise Search Essentials Seminar, Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft adCenter Labs, or adLabs, to the public.

AdLabs has developed technology that's at the forefront of innovation for paid search, contextual advertising, behavioral advertising, and local advertising. Witness the power of adLabs today at

Learn about the newest technologies

Search Funnels: Customers tend to search by entering related keywords in certain sequences. You can use the adCenter Search Funnels tool to help you visualize and analyze these search behaviors through incoming and outgoing queries.

Search Clustering: Microsoft adCenter's Search Result Clustering (SRC) technology can cluster search results into semantically related groups in real time and then help your customers browse through the long list of search results.

SRC can:
Disambiguate queries that may produce contradictory results
Display subtopics for search queries
Display facts about people
Show relationships among people
Return answers when the query is a question

Forecasting Search Volume Seasonality: Some keywords are searched more frequently at certain times of the year. Use this tool to help forecast the seasonal patterns of customers' search queries.

Content-Based Acronym Resolution: When a query contains an acronym or abbreviation, Microsoft adCenter technology can predict and display the most likely result based on the keyword's context.

Keyword Group Detection: This essential tool helps you find groups of words that are related or similar to your input keywords. Expand your keyword lists to maximize exposure to searchers.

Keyword Mutation Detection: Based on Keyword Group Detection technology, this tool displays common misspellings or alternative representations of keywords that are frequently found in search query logs. This technology can help you broaden your keyword lists and then reach more customers.

Other notable technologies
Visit the adLabs site to explore: Content and Keyword Categorization, which enables Contextual Advertising; Demographic Prediction, which enables Behavioral Targeting; and Local Ads by PC Address technology, which enables automatic detection of a customer's location.

About Microsoft adCenter Labs
AdLabs, a joint effort of Microsoft adCenter and Microsoft Research, is a state-of-the-art lab in Beijing with a mission to research and incubate advanced technologies for Microsoft adCenter. AdLabs is designed to provide you, the advertiser, with rich targeting capabilities and to give your customers a more relevant online experience."

I'll write a bit more later after I get a chance to check it out.

Friday, June 09, 2006

adCenter Updates

MSN adcenter updated last night. There are some new UI and reporting features. I received the following in an e-mail from the adCenter team:

A new Reports page user interface

Create a New Report tab
Recent Reports tab
Report Templates tab
Customize date ranges
Schedule and save reports
Download reports

Additional reporting upgrades

Schedule and run multiple reports in the background while you are working in adCenter
Run more than 10,000 rows of report data (downloadable in .ZIP format)
Run reports in multiple formats .TSV (Tab Separated Value) and .HTML formats
View the previous 20 reports in the Recent Reports tab


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