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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Google Showing the Quality Score (Test Confirmed)

I previously wrote about a DP member who had been invited to a participate in an AdWords test where he would be shown his quality score. While the test was officially unconfirmed, I ad no doubt the source was reliable. I came across an interview today where the quality score test was confirmed.

"In any case, Google is running a test now -- we haven't formally announced it yet, but I guess I'm going to tell you now -- showing in the front end, quality score information to the advertiser. This is sensitive. Potentially it helps the bad guys optimize, so we have to be careful how we implement this."

Where I see advertisers having access to the quality score being helpful is in cases where they may question the impact of changes they are making to their bidding strategy and landing pages. If the quality score advertisers have access to is real time (or at least close to real time) that will help advertisers measure the impact of the changes they may be making to their ad campaigns, keywords and landing pages.

Quality score info aside, the interview is a good one- check it out.

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