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Friday, September 15, 2006

AdWords too Complicated for Many Businesses

"I find when I talk to clients, that statement rings true. Adwords, and other PPC offerings, are far too complicated for the average website owner. The PPC systems change a lot, the rules seem arbitrary, and there is a learning curve which is getting steeper by the day."

Read the full post at V7N, AdWords too complicated for many businesses.

Check out the post that inspired the V7N post as well, In software, it's all about distribution - and inventory.

I've been in the PPC space for quite some time and couldn't agree more - AdWords (and PPC in general) is far more complex than most people realize. Sure, when summarized it sounds like a piece of cake: "just create an account, enter your keywords and start collecting the revenue from all the new sales you'll make on your site." How hard is that?

In reality though things are much more complex - even for marketers with experience in other marketing channels. If you want to be successful in PPC today you need to either commit yourself to doing it full time or be willing to hire someone that does. Even that doesn't guarantee success. I've said it before and still fully believe that successful PPC management - just like successful marketing in other channels - is a mix of science and art. The numbers can only take you so far, that's when the real experts can take a campaign to it's next level.

PPC management isn't going to get easier as time goes on. I'm willing to bet that in less than 5 years you'll see a dedicated person or team in just about every marketing department who's sole responsibility is PPC management.

There's a huge difference between doing it and doing it right.

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