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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

AdWords in Magazines

Earlier today I came across "Your ads in print at the price you set" at Google.

Google has been working with a small group of advertisers for quite some time testing the viability of allowing AdWords uses to run print ads in magazines and other publications via their AdWords interface.

They're auctioning off ad space in some very reputable magazines in this public test including Car and Driver, PC World, Information Week, Computer Shopper and some others. In total there are 28 magazines in 3 categories.

Here's how Google is running the first auction:

"Choose your publications

You can review the available titles below to decide which ones are right for your ads.

Set your price
For each publication in which you'd like to bid for space, tell us how much ad space you'd like to use and the maximum price you're willing to pay for it. Your bid will compete against other advertisers' bids to appear on the publication's page. If yours is a winning bid, we'll email you by March 3, 2006 and work with you to fill your ad space effectively.

The deadline to submit a bid is February 20, 2006. We wish you luck as we work together to explore the possibilities of print advertising. "

I plan to put some bids in on a few of these publications and will let everyone know how it goes.

You can get more info at the Inside AdWords Blog or the FAQ.

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